How to partition your SD Card and Enable DT Apps2sd on your galaxy ace[CUSTOM ROMS] using a2sd gui – The easy way

September 15, 2011 at 11:03 PM 7 comments

Hi all, today let me explain you the easiest way to enable Darktremor app2sd on most of the custom roms for galaxy ace. As majority of the custom roms use a cf-root kernel, they have apps2sd support by default.The difference may be that in some roms it comes pre installed (but disabled) and in some others we have to install it manually.

For doing it the easy way first of all we need to have the following things done first

Copy all your sd card contents into your Computer harddisk.Its needed because you will lose all you sd card data once you format it for partitioning.
(There are numerous methods to parttion your sdcard, here i’ll go with the most SIMPLEST one for your Ace)
Note: i had problems accessing some files on my 8gb card via usb cable.But no problems with 2gb card.So use a card reader if any errors popup while copying.

Install ClockWorkMod my previous post if you dont know)
Reboot into CWM recovery.
Navigate down the menu and choose “ADVANCED” (the second-last option in CWM 4.0.09)
Select “Partition SD card” from the menu (again the second-last option,CWM 4.0.09)
Choose the size required for your sd card second partition, which you are going to use as internal storage.
512MB is mostly enough for intalling 100+ apps all on internal memory.

3.Now you can restore the sd card contents back, from your PC. Note that the size we used for the above partition will not be available in your /sdcard directory.So before copying back ensure the size isok.Remove some media files from the backup if needed.
Install any of the custom ROM available.Flashable zip format is the easiest one to go with.Try or gingerreal.Please DO NOT ASK ME WHICH CUSTOM ROM IS BEST OR SO..Its upto you and iam not responsible with what you do with you device without proper understanding of requirements for each ROM.(most of the problems recoverable).I personally use gingerreal v1.1 for now..[CAREFULLY READ THEIR INSTRUCTIONS AND DO IT THE EXACT WAY]


Get these things done
1.Apps2sd support in ROM (dont worry most of the roms have support by default)
2. Root your device if not yet rooted
3. Install apps2sd GUI if not available in applications.Its free, search it in market.


Case1: Pre-installed
Open apps2sd gui.Allow root permissions when asked for.You will be prompted with a warning message.Click YES to continue.
If apps2sd is not pre-installed it’ll show error as apps2sd not found.In that case jread case2 to install it and or else skip this paragraph
[Case2: Not Pre-installed
In that case you’ll have to flash the a2sd zip file via CWM recovery.Its only this single step, and reboot.The zip file for a2sd will be given together in the custom ROM download page.You can get it from there and copy it ito your sd card.Choose Flash zip from CWM recover and rebot

Follow the steps one by one
1.Open “TWEAKS” from application drawer.Navigate down and you will find a menu as shown below

2.Select and put a TICK mark in
DT: Autostart
if not already ticked.Restart the device.

Now open apps2sd GUI and select the first tab

Click ON “Apps are on SD” , the button must light up, green or whatever color used in your theme. Activate swap if needed.Swap deals with RAM and not internal storage.You will require swap file/partition.Leave that for now.


3.Your phone may reboot once or twice and the initial boot may take some time(1to5 minutes).dont panic.

Next time open apps2sd and navigate to second tab “Dalvik”.
Click on “Dalvik Cache on SD-EXT”

4.Then click  “Move and rebuild”. Do not skip this step.Your device will restart as in the previous step.Be patient.


5.And now you are done.Open Task Manger and see for yoursel how much of your internal memory is free..You’ll get more than 100mb free with even  100+apps installed on internal..:)
Note:As you can see the last version of a2sd gui may report sd-ext size wrongly, its a bug in a2sd gui.No problems.(Read if forums that the developer has fixed it.)


If you want to know if the sdcard partition SD-EXT is full or how much used you may open “ext4″ manager from applications and see the usages.Or you can use Titanium backup pro. Or type ” df -h ” on terminal.

Currently you cant do this simple in the stock GB ROM as the support isnt built in, either you have to manually edit the config files (toughest) or you’ll have to flash cf root kernel(the same kernel used in most custom roms).I hope to come up with a tutorial to enable a2sd+ on stock Gingerbread rom.But i cant write anything unles i test it myself or somebody help me to know the results.It lltake time.

All credits goes to the developers and iam not responsible if you end up bad.. 😉
XDA  Links:


DT A2SD  :

For the timebeing Enjoy with custom ROMs…! 🙂
Fell free to post your genuine doubts and ill try to get them cleared.


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  • 1. Ravi Esakkiappan  |  September 16, 2011 at 7:42 AM

    Too good dude. All relevant points have ben answered here. Will share it with others too.. 🙂

    • 2. abi.z  |  September 16, 2011 at 8:30 AM

      thnx 4d shares.. I wrote it to help every beginner to learn about the internals and use his sga in the most efficient manner

  • 3. Sinu  |  September 16, 2011 at 1:12 PM

    Excellent tutorial man.. Keep blogging

  • […] If you want a2sd then download and copy the DT A2SD ZIP update from the same page.and follow instructions here. […]

  • 5. Eduardo Silva  |  April 25, 2012 at 2:57 AM

    I followed all these steps, and was working properly.
    but then I needed to put the memory card in the pc and removed it without thinking, without selecting any option to do so. my galaxy ace blocked, and never more turn on. what was the step I should have done to remove the memory card correctly?

    • 6. abi.z  |  April 26, 2012 at 11:09 PM

      If you are using a2sd then you will have to better switch off your mobile before removing the memory card from the slot.
      I am not clear in which state is your phone currently.Does it show anything on screen after powering on?
      You always have an option to factory reset your mobile from recovery menu.

  • 7. Ayuda con galaxy ace  |  May 27, 2013 at 8:13 AM

    […] […]


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