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Installing GingerReal / ROM on your Galaxy ACE (via CWM)


1.Be on updated Gingerbread ROM
(Any of the stock GBwould do.Its completely OK to go with with Indian GB version DDKQ5)

2.Install CWM Recovery.(Click here to read my previous post)

3.Go and download the latest Gingerreal zip file from the following official link page (100-150 mb sized zip file),100.0.html

Either try v1.1 or v1.3(a2sd preinstalled).Some are facing problems v1.2.

4.Put the zip file on your sd card.

5.Open CWM Recovery,

6.Wipe /cache partition

7.Wipe /data partition

8.Select Install zip from sd card, choose the previously copied zip file and confirm YES to flash it..

9.Reboot n wait patiently..



Download the zip file from the following link..

Wipe /cache and /data (and also /sd-ext if you have)

The page says to have KPN(2.3.3) base version installed.But i feel its safe to install over DDKQ5(2.3.4) too.I myself tried it over GingerReal(which itself was installed over DDKQ5)

First install the Latest X2 zip file by copying it to sd card (as explained for GingerReal Step8)

NexT copy the updates and flash them sequentially 2.2 then 2.3

If you want a2sd then download and copy the DT A2SD ZIP update from the same page.and follow instructions here.



You can install any ROMS coming in recovery flashable zip format by following the above said steps.

Be sure to read the instructions given in the ROM developers page.
(Iam not responsible if you brick your phone.)
(If you would ask me which ROM i prefer, CURRENTLY i would recommend gingerreal v1.1 or v1.3.)


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Migrating to a new ROM : Backup and Restore your Full Applications and Data

Some of you might be keeping away from installing custom ROMs because of the fear of loosing all your programs and data settings..

Here i’ll guide you through the process of backing up and restoring all your data and programs easily onto a new ROM.

You’ll need ROOT acces first.

Using Titanium Back Up :

Install Titanium BackUP from market..(No need of pro version)

Advantage of titanium backup is that it can zip your backups and is faster.

Open Titanium back up and select the second tab “Backup/Restore”


Click menu button and choose “Batch”


Then click the highlighted item “RUN Backup all user apps +system data”


Next click on “Run the batch operation”


After the job is finished you can flash your new ROM.And when you are back in the new ROM again install titanium backup and then choose Backup/Restore.

Click “RUN Restore missing apps +all system data”, and then “”Run the batch operation”


And thats it.Reboot & you are free to go.You’ll have all your progs  and data restored. 🙂

Using My BackUp :

An advantage of mybackup is that you have an option to view your data (calls, contacts,sms & bookmarks) and export them to html

Install Rerware My BackUP free version  from market..

Open MyBackup, choose “BACKUP”

First Click “Data”

Choose Local/sdcard

Select all and click OK

Now again choose BACKUP. Click Applications & Media

Tick only “Apps”. No need of photos.and then click OK.

Now select all applications and click next. On the next prompt choose

Proceed with backup as you did for data previously.

To RESTORE All those simply get into Mybackup from your new ROM and then choose RESTORE, Choose DATA, then again choose Applications & Media,Select APKs+DATA..
Reboot.. Enjoy..!

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Hello world ..!

Hi friends.. I am from India and I plan to write friendly articles for andriod..First of all I would like to admit that I am not a frequent blogger. Iam here to share my experiences on making the most juice out of your galaxy ace android smartphone. I hope you all will enjoy reading my blog.

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